Action Points – Practical Living Skills Copy

Action Points – Practical Living Skills

  • Practical living skills fall into three categories:
    • Personal/self-care skills
    • Community living skills
    • Social living skills

The skills you will focus on as a peer support specialist will depend upon the setting in which you work and your client’s needs.

  • Personal and self-care skills are the essential skills that support daily living such as hygiene, following medication regimens, sleep and nutrition. These are priority skills for clients to develop.
  • Community living skills include those things that allow someone to function independently outside of a supported living or institutional setting. Examples are handling transportation, managing money, and employability skills.
  • Social living skills are sometimes referred to as Emotional Intelligence.
  • Four aspects of Emotional Intelligence are:
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Management

It is important to develop the self-skills in order to be able to have the “other-oriented skills.