Module 6: Advocacy Copy

Module 6: Advocacy


The purpose of this module is to help peer specialists understand their roles as an advocate and how they can hone their skills for advocating effectively for their clients. The module also addresses the importance of being strategic in deciding what changes are required to attain personal, client and system goals, and using the right communicating methods and skills with the right people to make this happen.


  • What is Advocacy?
    • Forms of advocacy
  • Peer Advocacy
    • Developing the advocacy plan and strategies
    • Advocacy strategies for reaching a solution
    • Formal advocacy strategies
  • Linking Resources
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Systems Advocacy
    • The “Elevator Pitch”
    • Advocacy messaging
    • Our Stories have Power
  • Revisiting Communication Skills
    • Being influential and persuasive

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define advocacy and its forms
  • Compare and contrast peer advocacy and self-advocacy
  • Describe the roles of peer specialists in the three advocacy arenas
  • List the steps in developing an advocacy plan
  • Detail how to shape advocacy actions through strategy
  • Identify at least four strategies that can help assure a positive advocacy outcome
  • Explain the difference between resource linkage and referral
  • List the four dimensions of resource linkage
  • Assess the structure and potential impact of recovery stories for advocacy
  • Describe the factors that combine to affect personal influence.
  • Explain how effective communication skills relate to advocacy
  • Name and state the mission of at least three formal advocacy organizations
  • Craft a personal “elevator pitch” speech

Module Activities

  • Module 6 Activity: Case Scenario – Planning for Advocacy Actions
  • Module 6 Activity: Analyze this Message – Chris Herren
  • Module 6 Activity: Increasing My Influence

Workbook Activities

After you have completed all of the module 6 lessons below, complete the following activities your course workbook:

  • Workbook Activity 1: Creating Your Elevator Pitch (60 minutes)
  • Workbook Activity 2: Researching Advocacy Organizations (60 minutes)

Module 6 Quiz

After you have completed all of the module 6 lessons below and the workbook activities, you will be able to click the button at the bottom of this page to complete the Module 6 Quiz and Advance to Module 7.