Module 2: Dimensions of Recovery Copy



The purpose of this module is to show how changing viewpoints about recovery are based on new understandings about substance use and mental health disorders and how to manage them. The dimensions, principles and stages of recovery are explored to help clarify the role of the peer specialist in supporting the building blocks and processes of recovery.


  • What is Recovery?
  • Supporting a Life in Recovery
    • Dimensions of Recovery
    • Guiding Principles for Understanding Recovery
  • Building Blocks of Recovery
    • Recovery is a Process
    • Recovery Capital
  • Many Pathways to Recovery

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define recovery and give examples of common pathways to recovery
  • List four dimensions that support a life in recovery
  • Designate specific actions a peer specialist can use to support the Guiding Principles for Recovery
  • List three categories of recovery capital and give examples of each
  • Describe the process and stages of recovery
  • Define the foundational building blocks of recovery

Module Activities

  • Module 2 Reflection Activity: Your Definition of Recovery
  • Module 2 Activity: Guiding Principles of Recovery Services and Supports
  • Module 2 Reflection Activity: Elements of Recovery

Workbook Activity

After you have completed all of the module 2 lessons below, complete the following activities your course workbook:

  • Workbook Activity 1: Elements of the Recovery Journey (120 minutes)

Module 2 Quiz

After you have completed all of the module 2 lessons below and the workbook activities, you will be able to click the button at the bottom of this page to complete the Module 2 Quiz and Advance to Module 3.